SAFE Manual

The SAFE Manual: A Blueprint For Self Harm Therapy

The SAFE manual is the basis for exercises conducted in the weekly group meetings. Group is composed of these practical activities, open conversation and a “weekly recap” where members share their hardships and personal success.

While the SAFE analysis of self-harm sees it as a treatable behaviour, groups are structured around an informal discussion between members that excludes graphic descriptions of self-harm. Exercises include trigger boards, labelling, recognizing self-talk, as well as discussing definitions of self-harm and how it affects members’ lives as well as loved ones.

SAFE looks to discover personalized practical ways to cope with self-harm and factors in what is realistic for each individual, and of course, involves the simple sharing of experiences in a non-judgemental and open atmosphere.

There are nine (9) modules in the SAFE manual and once a member has gone through each module’s lessons and related material they’re invited to stay as the group continues to go over the exercises or topics in new ways. There is no official beginning or end time to the program. Members attend as long as they feel is necessary and it will always be free to attend.

Guidelines for SAFE Group Therapy

  • We encourage friendships but you are not to talk about self-harm or suicide to each other.
  • If you self-harm before coming to the group you must take care of the wound or injury and keep it covered or concealed to the best of your abilities.
  • No one is to self-harm on the premises of CMHA which includes their parking lot. If you do self-harm on the premises you will be suspended for three months.
  • You are not to be abusive to the leadership or other members of the group.
  • What is said and who is in the group is to be kept confidential.