Self Harm Research and Resources

The scientific community has a large and growing body of research on the psychological and social reasons for self-harm. There is plenty more to be discovered on the topic and we are always hoping to learn more to bring greater insight into SAFE meetings.

The SAFE Facilitator is available to give a consolidated presentation or comprehensive workshop with advanced booking and consultation. There is a minimal fee associated with these presentations as proprietary research materials as well as the SAFE module must be printed for reference.

We’ve had countless individuals come through SAFE over the years and the reviews are all extremely positive! The first steps to a better life and addressing mental health issues are the hardest but once you start to regularly attend a support group the road to recovery is not so lonely, and not so far off.

The SAFE is the foundation for exercises and conversation at every group meeting. We take practical activities and the overall format from the same manual developed almost 25 years ago. It remains one of the most adaptable resources for outpatient therapy.