About SAFE London Self Harm Therapy Group

About SAFE London Self-Harm Therapy Group

SAFE was a volunteer-run outpatient treatment program for individuals seeking group therapy options for their issues with self-harm for many years. In April 2019 it became part of the CMHA Community Wellness Programs and is part of Martha McCallum’s role as a Peer Support Worker.

The SAFE program and it’s meetings are organized and facilitated by Martha McCallum, a Western psychology graduate, CMHA employee and long-term program apprentice. She was trained by group pioneer and well-respected facilitator Mary Graham, who created the program in 1990 with the help of Dr. Dorothy Haswell.

Meetings are held at a CMHA site every Wednesday of every month. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. and when they are in session SAFE group is considered an open, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental environment for individuals to learn about and share experiences related to recovery from self-harm.

The group is designed to accommodate individuals who are committed to recovery and are serious about stopping acts of self-abuse when they attend the session. For these reasons, graphic discussion of individual experiences as well as the methods of self-harm is not permitted.

SAFE London Group Guidelines


1/ While you are sharing, please avoid using any graphically detailed language. Remember to ‘share the air’ and give others a chance to participate.

2/ There is no talking about self-harm methods or how you self-harm, or suicidal ideations.

3/ We encourage supportive friendships but you are not to call/text each other about self-harm or suicide. If you are in crisis please call Reach Out at 519-433-2023 or access the 24/7 Crisis Centre at 648 Huron St.

4/ If you self-harm before coming to group please treat it & keep it covered.

5/ Do not self-harm at group. If you are at risk of immediate self-harm or suicide, please access the Crisis Centre at 648 Huron St.

6/ Do not use any hateful language. This is a place of safety, support and respect for all.

7/ Who is in the group and what is said is to be kept confidential.

Self Abuse Finally Ends Self Harm Therapy London OntarioSelf Harm Recovery Testimonials8/ Listen respectfully; avoid ‘side convos’ with members, texting etc. while others are speaking. Give yourself the gift of being in the present.

Other things to note…

If you are feeling overwhelmed or need to take a break that is okay. This is a safe space to share and listen. You are not obligated to participate and can ‘pass’ on an activity or question.

If you need to leave early, please let the facilitator know before group begins. If you are leaving early because you do not feel well, please let either the facilitator or front desk staff know.

If you cannot attend group, an e-mail, call or text to the facilitator is always appreciated! (m.mccallum@cmhamiddlesex.ca or 519-808-5167)

This is a drop-in group. You will not be penalized for arriving late or missing group and you will not be turned away or shamed for returning after an absence. That said – the more you attend, the more you will benefit.

If you are looking for more community information or one-on-one, please see the facilitator before group (between 6:30 – 7:00pm).